“A system that suits our needs.”

BDX has been using Opter for its logistics operations since 2013. Opter was selected as it suited the company’s need to have the traffic management at the center and well-developed functions for handling packages, orders and assignments.

“The system has smart functions that make our everyday work easier,” says Mattias Eriksson, System Development Project Manager at BDX.

BDX creates innovative complete solutions that solve customer needs in the areas of logistics, contracting and industrial services. The company works all over the country but its main focus is on northern Sweden. BDX has 275 co-distributors, which together have 1,600 machines and vehicles and carry out assignments for its customers. Each co-distributor in turn usually has its own employees, which makes BDX an unusually large small company, with around 1,900 professional drivers.

“We have a lot of assignments and stakeholders, which means that we use most of Opter’s functions. The functions we use are order reception, EDI, web, order creation, dispatch, route optimization, OpterLink, vehicle communication, scanning, order check, invoicing, crediting and statistics,” says Mattias Eriksson.

Opter also makes it possible for BDX to digitize all its orders and follow a standardized ordering process, which provides added value for customers in terms of clarity, accuracy and increased control for all involved parties. “Our logistics department has grown and developed in a very positive way during the last 10 years. Opter’s system is one of the factors that has contributed to this,” concludes Mattias.

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