Circla Recycling

Minette Andersson, Circla Recycling

“We’ll be able to grow for many years with Opter.”

Circla Recycling offers its customers waste collection, sorting, management and transport. When Minette Andersson joined the company in 2014, there were three people in the office, and the assignments were handled using two light trucks and a small crane truck. But the company grew rapidly and as load changers, lift dump trucks and more crane trucks started being used in the business, it became obvious that the system in use was no longer sufficient.

“We needed a real transport system to enable easy transport planning, reporting and billing. I think we looked at all the systems on the market before finally deciding that Opter was the best one for us,” says Minette Andersson, Communications and Sustainability Manager at Circla Recycling

The implementation of Opter has resulted in many benefits for Circla. Minette explains that streamlining the process from order placement through to billing has saved time and minimised the risk of manual errors. It is also financially advantageous to have everything in one system. The transport planning functions make it possible to produce reliable statistics, which provide certainty for both customers and employees.

 “The system also helps me, as a sustainability manager, to filter statistics, and helps the finance department work in a streamlined way with other staff. We also see opportunities to generate the waste statistics required by our corporate customers, thus enabling even more detailed sustainability reporting.”

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