Hemmon Kuljetus

“The system is customisable and easy to understand.”

The Finnish company Hemmon Kuljetus started using Opter in 2016 and currently has 60 vehicles in its fleet. Right from the very start, the Opter system was clearly a solution that was sufficiently versatile and customisable for the company’s needs. As Hemmon Kuljetus has grown and developed its business operations, it has been possible to continuously scale up the system and it has provided the right features.

“The best thing about Opter is that the system is customisable and easy to understand. Although there are numerous settings, Opter is easy to use and very convenient as it can be adapted to meet our specific needs. An additional advantage is the continuous product development,” says a Hemmon Kuljetus representative.

Opter not only helps Hemmon Kuljetus keep its promise to customers to provide a cost-effective and environmentally friendly transport service, but also contributes to ensuring much smoother handling of large order volumes. Automation reduces the need for planning staff, and makes the entire order chain more efficient – from orderer to driver, and finally invoicing.

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