“In our opinion, Opter is a cost-efficient, straightforward and flexible system.”

EB Road Cargo

EB Road Cargo provides numerous different services relating to long-distance, circular and distribution transport. In larger towns and cities, the company also has trailer traffic with various types of assignments, terminal management and its own railway terminal in Jordbro. It has been an Opter customer for two years.

EB Road Cargo currently consists of two subsidiaries with a common brand, Road Cargo Sweden AB and EB Logistik AB, which together have a turnover of SEK 450 million. These have 12 offices and are located from Sundsvall in the north to Malmö in the south. They have about 300 employees and around 400 vehicles.

Two years ago, EB Logistik realized that it needed a new solution in order to enable greater customer integration. At the same time, Road Cargo Sweden was also reviewing possible alternatives to its system, and realized the potential benefits of both companies using the same system. A condition for this, however, was that the system would meet their requirements and needs while also being large enough to enable further growth. Opter was the system that was chosen.
“There are advantages and disadvantages with every system, but we realized that Opter would really fulfill our requirements. In our opinion, Opter is a cost-efficient, straightforward and flexible system, which is especially important as we have several offices around the country that in a way run their “own” business and have their own particular way of working,” says Bo Hermansson, EB Road Cargo General Manager.

EB Road Cargo primarily uses Opter for order management, pricing and billing, but will soon also take a major step forward regarding the use of the mobile app, and increase the number of customer integrations.
“Opter is straightforward to use and we think it is easy to get used to its functions and working methods. It is also easy to create connections to our various partners, via OpterLink. And if you encounter any issues or need clarification, customer support is available to provide a rapid response, which we think is very important,” concludes Bo.