Meet developer Jonas Sand

Jonas Sand, developer, Opter

Jonas Sand has worked as a developer at Opter since 2012. His main area of responsibility is maintaining and developing the web services we offer our customers and their subcontractors.

What is the best thing about working as a developer?
“I like it when things happen quickly and when change is a natural part of everyday life, which is the case at Opter. It is therefore also perfect that I work with web development, because the technology changes quickly and new interesting things happen every day.”

What is the best thing about working at Opter?
“In addition to being able to work with something I enjoy every day, the best thing is of course my colleagues! Everyone is really nice and there is a lot of knowledge that we exchange between us. Even though we are currently working from home, there is still a strong team spirit.”

What does a typical day at work look like for you?
“I work with either new features that one of our customers has requested or strategic development, which involves refining and enhancing the functions that we consider to be important to get the product where we want it to be. Last but not least, I also work with bug fixes and testing of the system, so that we always maintain a high level of quality.”

Is the development team currently working on any exciting projects?
“We have recently been working to make our service cloud based. With this step, we have achieved a major milestone that opens up new future opportunities for Opter.”

What characteristics are useful if you want to be a developer at Opter?
“To be a developer at Opter, you should be ambitious and willing to help others by sharing your knowledge. It is of course also a plus if you want to come along to our billiard nights (which will be organized again once the pandemic is over).”

What do you do when you aren’t working?
“In my leisure time I like to exercise and be active – things that I could do before having three children ?. Most of my time is currently spent cuddling with my three-year-old daughter and making sure that my six-month-old twin boys do not put anything dangerous in their mouths!”

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