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Transport companies with their sights on the future

No less than 400 transport companies in the Nordic and Baltic countries already use Opter to simplify and streamline their transport assignments. These range from international freight forwarders and parcel distributors to express and courier companies, as well as experts in special transport. Opter is standardised to suit a wide-range of businesses but can also be adapted to meet each customer’s unique needs and procedures.

You can read more about some of our customers and how they use Opter below.

We develop our business by using Opter

Hans J Nilsson, CEO, Flygfrakt

“Opter has enabled us to shape our structure and our processes efficiently. It has also inspired us to think in new directions. The system is now a necessity for our company to function as it should. It forms our backbone and helps us save both time and money.”

Hans J Nilsson works at Flygfrakt, a satisfied customer for more than ten years. All Flygfrakt’s vehicles, drivers, traffic managers and customers use Opter, which also facilitates communication between them. Opter makes the business more efficient in all areas.

A transport planning system developed for our needs

Michael Alkevik, Co-owner and Project Manager, Lillebil

“The fact that all our employees, from traffic managers to drivers, work in the same system makes our operations very efficient. Some of them only use the most obvious parts of the system, while others explore the system in more depth and are constantly learning about new features. We can quickly retrieve the right information, and this lessens the burden on our employees in the office.”

Lillebil, a courier and transport company, was looking for a system that did not require tailor-made solutions in order for it to work for its business activities. That was ten years ago. Lillebil now has around 70 vehicles and all its employees use Opter.

Why we chose Opter

Zebastian Hasslinger, Traffic Manager Gothenburg, Fraktkompaniet

“We are very satisfied with Opter, as it is a reliable program that makes our daily work easier. In particular, it is adaptable and flexible. Opter is a reliable partner and we feel confident about growing together in the future.”

Fraktkompaniet chose to use Opter, as it needed a robust and reliable system for its business activities. Several of its carriers also already used Opter, which made it possible to easily create a connection to these suppliers.