New additions to the support team


Opter’s technical support forms an important link between our customers and our developers. The newest additions to the support team are Joakim Silverplats and Andreas Hellström, who both joined Opter in March 2022.

Joakim Silverplats and Andreas Hellström

Support is often the first part of the company that hears about new needs and requests, and it is support that has the knowledge and expertise about solutions to both common and unusual problems that customers may encounter. Ensuring a wide range of backgrounds and experience helps make the whole support team strong.

Joakim Silverplats is 48 years old and has many years of experience in the haulage industry. He has therefore had the opportunity to work with many roles, ranging from dispatch to system administration. He most recently worked in customer support at a real estate company. Andreas Hellström is fairly new to the world of work. He is just over 20 years old and has been educated at technical upper secondary school (information and media technology). He has also had a part-time job at a gym, so is used to providing service and interacting with customers. Andreas says that he can also do a backflip on the ground and solve the Rubik’s cube in under a minute, although unfortunately not at the same time.

Andreas and Joakim say they have been warmly welcomed at Opter and in their new team, and have quickly become part of the office community. There is a lot to learn, but they are making rapid progress thanks to the helpful and experienced colleagues around them. Joakim says he is surprised by how flexible the Opter system is and how much the service can be customised for different customers. He is looking forward to becoming one of the members of the support team who can provide high quality support to users, as is Andreas, who says:

“What I am most looking forward to is the potential to develop at Opter. There is always room for improvement and I look forward to expanding my knowledge every day!”

Would you also like to work at Opter? We are currently looking for skilled .NET developers who want to be involved in developing the Nordic region’s leading transport planning software. More information is available at Come and join us.

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