Opter expands in Norway


Opter’s Norwegian office moved to larger premises in late 2022. A couple of our newest recruits, Ben and Daniel, are located there.

Ben David Kristensen and Daniel Kallak
Ben David Kristensen and Daniel Kallak

Ben David Kristensen joined the company in Norway in October, as a support technician. He has an IT and electronics engineering education and previous experience from, for example, the grocery trade, where he has had a lot of customer contact. Ben likes smart solutions and optimised flows and is looking forward to helping our Norwegian customers.

Ben’s tip: Don’t be afraid to explore the system! If you need something in particular, there is often already a solution available in Opter.

Daniel Kallak has been working with EDI at our Oslo office since September. Daniel has a bachelor’s degree in IT systems and previously worked as a security engineer, but most recently worked in the transport industry using Opter on the client side. He now helps our customers in Norway set up EDI integrations between Opter and other systems.

Daniel’s tip: Getting a solid overview of the price lists and letting automation do the work can save a lot of time.

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