Piccolo Logistics

“A cost-effective and flexible system.”

Opter is a very cost-effective tool that helps Piccolo Logistics get all the necessary order data. And customers are conveniently issued with receipt information via the system. The Opter Driver app, which can be downloaded to a mobile phone, facilitates communication with the drivers, who can obtain information about an order in a matter of minutes.

“Most of our pick-ups and deliveries have to be performed within just a few hours, and Opter is incredibly useful for such hectic work. I also believe that the model of having an agreement that is valid indefinitely, without any time limit, is a solid promise to provide a good and reliable system, which you really don’t want to be without once you’ve started using it!” says Yvonne Wentjärvi-Granlund, Director of Finance and Human Resources.

Another important factor in the choice of system was the cost, as it does not require a large one-off investment and has a reasonable monthly fee. According to Piccolo Logistics, another advantage of Opter is that the system can be modified and users can make such changes themselves without having to wait and pay additional fees for implementation.

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