Why Opter?

Smarter transport planning, quite simply

Secure and future-proof

Twenty years of development and close consultation with hundreds of customers have contributed to making Opter the market-leading business system for small and medium-sized transport companies in the Nordic region. Opter is standardised to suit a wide-range of businesses but can also be adapted to meet each customer’s unique needs and procedures. Opter is constantly being developed, based on market needs and new technical possibilities. This allows our customers to focus on their core business activities, safe in the knowledge that they always have the required modern system support.

Simpler everyday operations

Opter simplifies everyday operations for transport companies, as these can be quite complicated and involve numerous changes. With Opter providing business support, you can be sure that your order management, transport planning, communication with drivers and customers, EDI connections, pricing and invoicing always work. You can also always be sure that you have access to a modern support solution for your transport assignments.

Digitisation with a fixed monthly fee

Transport planning with Opter involves having a subscription that enables digitisation. Opter is continuously updated without you or your users having to do anything. Manual processes are conveniently made digital, and your business is further automated in line with the ongoing development of the system. The entire system, any new features and all updates are included. Support is, of course, also included. All for a fixed monthly fee. 

We help you get started

We naturally help you set up the system so that it supports your specific procedures in the best possible way. Which order structure and traffic management suit you best? How do you want your mobile app and customer web portal to look? And what design is required for invoices and the system’s other functions? We guide you and act as a sounding board for your system owner and your users until you are up and running. We work together to lay the foundation for continued efficiency gains, more satisfied customers and modern digital development.

Human technical support

Once you have got started, our support team takes over. If you encounter any problems or have any questions, rapid help from our experienced problem solvers is available at no extra cost. They understand your business and know everything about Opter.

“Following the installation and training, you can just get cracking – it’s as simple as that”
Alexander Lindroos, Support Manager

The system that likes other systems

Opter is highly suitable for integration with other business and accounting systems. Integration projects are standard work for us, and we have performed thousands of them. Regardless of whether you want to collaborate digitally with customers or other transport companies, we help you smoothly carry out your EDI integration.

Built using the latest technology

Opter uses the latest Microsoft technology. Users therefore have a Windows interface and drivers can easily download an app from Google Play. Carriers and customers can also access the information they need via web portals. Opter runs in our cloud solution on Microsoft Azure, and you connect via a program on your computer. It is also possible to install Opter on your own servers or at your hosting partner.

Would you like to give it a try?

Book a demo and we’ll show you how easy it is to get started and how Opter can help you develop your business further. You can naturally also get in touch with us via email, at info@opter.com, or via one of our sales reps.