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We are looking for someone with a passion for understanding and explaining technology. Someone who also wants to find out more about our customers’ extremely complex and fast-paced everyday activities. A humble technical writer who is dedicated to our customers, quite simply. Because we know that this is what’s required to be able to explain our smart technology solutions for efficient transport planning in a way that quickly provides users with maximum support in their business. It’s a skilled job that requires attention to detail and a big heart.

About the position
As a technical writer at Opter, you will be part of our development team and work with our customers and other specialists in the company. Your job will be to prepare, design and update documentation and information material intended for users and system administrators. For example, this could involve producing outstanding descriptive texts and supplementing them with layouts in Madcap Flare. The aim is to help our customers and users so that they can make the best possible use of our system solution. And for that, it’s necessary to understand our customers’ business needs, including what information they use and how they use it.

This is how one of our members of staff describes working at Opter:

You get to work with a cool solution, take care of what is built and see how it is refined over time. We are a friendly team with a culture characterised by achieving a good balance between work and leisure time. We have a long-term approach to everything we do, and we do things methodically rather than having a scattergun approach. The most important thing for us is understanding customer needs and identifying how we can best help. And it’s crucial that we all pull in the same direction.

Who are you?
To be successful in this role, we think you need to have previous experience of working with information dissemination. You have a good understanding of how texts should be produced in order to provide a suitable context. You have a good sense of responsibility and are well organised. The position involves having a solid understanding and being able to handle large amounts of information. In our team, we value humble people who are good at listening and also portraying both expectations and solutions. You are happy to share your experiences as well as new thoughts and ideas. Freedom, flexibility and a long-term perspective are qualities that help you thrive and want to grow with us.

Your specific educational background is less important, but we see it as positive if you:

  • Have experience of working as, for example, a technical writer, technical information officer, language consultant, documentation specialist or web editor
  • Are interested in and have a good understanding of technology
  • Like working together with other people
  • Have a good feel for languages

Send in your application today!
The selection process and interviews are done on an ongoing basis, so please send us an application as soon as possible. If you have any questions about the position, you are welcome to contact Sara Åkerlund on +46 (0)72-402 24 78 or

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