Ørland Transport

Ørland Transport - Sindre Ross

“The Opter Cloud solution requires fewer resources from us.”

Over the course of the last 95 years, Ørland Transport has grown from shipping wood with one truck, to being a transport company with more than 200 employees and 180 different vehicles and trailers suitable for all types of transport assignments.

Opter provides Ørland and its customers with a better overview of all their transport assignments. Ørland’s transport management has full control over the order process and customers can view prices, order status, estimated delivery time and other useful information in the customer portal.

“Opter helps us serve our customers better. It means we have to spend less time on the systems and can devote more time to carrying out the shipments,” says Sindre Ross, IT Manager.

An important factor when choosing a transport planning system was the flexibility offered by Opter with its cloud platform Opter Cloud. It is a solution that demands fewer resources from Ørland. Sindre Ross says that the company also recognised the possibility of customising Opter’s transport management to fit its own specific requirements, thus enabling more efficient order handling.

“We receive support with aspects that we can’t do ourselves, but the good thing is that Opter also shows us how to solve issues ourselves. So we are becoming more independent and building up more knowledge internally, as well as reducing consultancy costs.”

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